AI & Machine Learning

These technologies have advanced leaps and bounds in recent years. Unfortunately Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are often poorly understood.

Big business has long embraced AI and ML in a variety of ways. It used to be the preserve of these massive companies with big budgets and teams of specialists on hand. Due to standardisation and cloud functionaity offered by the large platforms like Google and Amazon, these powerful technologies have never been within easier reach. Small to medium size business can have enormous gains at surprisingly low cost.


Image Recognition

By using deep learning models, we can identify the content of images with remarkable accuracy. Given any image, we can extract themes, landmarks, objects, text, faces and more.

Speech Recognition

Interpreting and transcribing human speech can bring advanced automation capabilities to your business.

Language Processing

The ability to extract meaning and information from natural language. Identifying things like people, events, sentiment etc.

Discover & Predict

Discover the knowledge in your data. Building custom machine learning models with your existing data, can help you understand underlying connections. Applied to your new data these models can provide very accurate insights and predictions.